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Avatar VR comes with a "NDSuite" software that will help you understand the technology and integrate it into your project. Download and install the latest version.

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Quick Start Guide

Truly immersion starts with your hands. Learn first steps to command Avatar VR

Get Started with Our SDK

Download our latest installer and access to SDK. Start creating amazing experiences for any system, with any headset


Learn and explore. How does it work? How to start developing with it? Find it out in our documentation.


Need some demos and ready to use? Experience our Demos and Experiences in your hands

Sensations Designer

What if you could paint your touch sensations like an artist? That’s exactly what Haptic Sensations Designer does! As easy as a building block game, you can create, test and record touch sensations. Create your own Haptic Library!

Motion Capture Recorder

Thanks to our new "MoCAR" (Motion Capture Recorder), now you can capture movements, gestures and haptics (tactile sensation) to reproduce them later on a virtual glove.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This FAQ has been made by gathering all the questions related to Avatar VR users

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